October 25, 2017 brian_allain

Before I Write…

I’m sitting in a hotel room while my spouse attends Cartoon School.  (Hear more about that later.) And so this is my week to dive in and start the old blog – which is really a new blog.  Knowing that I would be leaving everything and everyone else behind, I set this week aside TO WRITE.  I’m not home and so there are no chores to do, no dogs to walk, no cats to stroll across my keyboard and demand a lap.  I am not at work and so my days are all mine FOR WRITING.  This week I HAVE TIME.

And so leading up to this MOMENT FOR WRITING I took myself for a walk.  I trimmed my nails and tended to undesirable facial hairs that should I ever make it big (because it could happen when you finally start to blog) would turn off an agent immediately.  I’ve spoken with the ladies who are cleaning rooms just to make sure they know they are appreciated. By me. Today. I’ve folded (and refolded) my clothes, charged my computer (because it can’t die WHEN I’M WRITING!) broken out the licorice we bought a few days ago while touring the White Mountains of New Hampshire, looked through my pictures we took while touring the White Mountains of New Hampshire, texted my Mom so she knows we made it out of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and after trying several different possibilities in this very hotel room, planted myself in the MOST PRODUCTIVE sitting position in this room.  And then I got myself a drink of water.  So I did not dehydrate while writing.

And really, this began years ago. I’ve been filling rather than sharing.  Hoarding thoughts rather than offering them, “perfecting” when I could have been growing, obsessing instead of creating.

Did I mention that I also attended a few conferences, talked with other writers, read LOTS of other writers and taken naps?

But the dogs and cats and people whom I am privileged to call “work” are why I have something to say.